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yoochun greasily lipsyncing to ‘begin’

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[120426] Yuchun at BaekSang award show. (X)

Things you will see:

  • JYJ playing rock, paper, scissors to determined who goes next on the lie detector
  • Junsu avoids versing Yoochun by using the fans as a bait
  • Junsu and Yoochun holding hands but then Yoochun keeps brushing it off while Junsu keeps trying o(≧∇≦o) this is mainly because Junsu’s previous reaction to the second lie detector in which scared both the other members [x]
  • Junsu laughing at Yoochun’s misery of being on the lie detector
  • Yoochun trolling Junsu and fans
  • Chunface
  • The punishment for trolling






The one who compliments Xiah the best will get the bad for the night.

Jaejoong: Xiah is smart and clever

Yunho: Xiah’s mind is broad like an ocean. He thinks first before talking

Yoochun: Xiah is my only friend when I first moved to Korea. He is full of common sense and knows how to speak logically. He is handsome and talented. We need him on our group.

Changmin: Xiah is my religion. What he says and how he acts are like moral textbook and bible.

This maknae really knows what and when to say things! You are such a smart kid, Changmin!

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TVXQ - Magic Castle
I love this performance because I love how the crowd is singing along with our boys. This song also makes me want to cry because I want to see them all together on one stage once again.

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